Communications Division

The Communications Division is the lifeline to the community and Deputies patrolling our streets. Harris County Precinct 2 communications officers utilize modern computer systems to effectively manage citizen calls for service and direct law enforcement resources to address citizen needs. Communications officers routinely conduct checks of driver’s licenses, license plates, and personal criminal histories through TCIC (Texas Crime Information Center), NCIC (National Crime Information Center), and the SETCIC (Southeast Texas Crime Information Center). These systems are crime information databases utilized by law enforcement agencies both locally and nationwide. Information received, such as wanted persons, hits on stolen vehicles and items, special alerts, and other relevant information is reviewed by a communications officer and is relayed to Deputies during the course of their duties. Communications officers generate paperwork necessary to process arrests, traffic accidents, and any other incidents that a Deputy may need to complete a report. In addition, communications officers answer incoming phone calls, enter and clear information through TLETS (Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunication System), file warrants and reports, and many other duties. All communications officers are licensed by the state of Texas.

To Reach Communications Division: (713) 477-4070

In times of emergency, we encourage you to utilize the 9-1-1 system to notify law enforcement. This is a practiced and rapid way to make your emergency a priority. Simply dial 9-1-1 on your telephone. Be prepared to answer the questions of the call-taker. Your call will be immediately routed to the appropriate agency.