School Resources Division

The Galena Park Independent School District has contracted with The Harris County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office since 1996 to protect the schools on the south side of the district. Harris County Precinct 2 Deputies are assigned as School Resource Officers (SRO’s) to these educational campuses and are responsible for the safety and security of approximately 6,420 students from grades K-12, at 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools a 1 high school campus. SRO’s are assigned to each middle school and high school along with a K-9 officer who services all schools within the district. SRO’s are trained for active shooter situations and juvenile law enforcement incidents, and work closely with the Superintendent of the district to maintain a safe learning environment for the students. In addition, the district also utilizes SRO’s to enforce truancy laws and absence prevention to increase attendance throughout the district.