Patrol Division

The Harris County Precinct 2 Constable Patrol division is the front line used to suppress crime in Harris County. The men and women of Precinct 2 take pride in protecting the citizens of Precinct 2 and strive to develop a strong relationship with the community they serve.

The Precinct 2 Patrol Division mainly consists of District Patrol and the Contract Patrol Program. Traditionally, district patrol deputies are responsible for patrolling large areas within the precinct. This method of patrolling tends to result in deputies playing a reactionary role rather than a proactive role in combating crime. To counter this reactionary role, the Contract Patrol program was established as a supplemental unit of district patrol.

Contract Patrol Program

With the Contract patrol program, a Precinct 2 deputy is assigned to a neighborhood or district for which they are contracted. This allows for Precinct 2 to provide high visibility patrols which in return can deter crime, give a faster response to in-progress crimes, and allow deputies the opportunity to apprehend criminals. Deputies are also able to establish better community relations with the neighborhood or district because they are assigned to the contract.

Vacation Watch or Special Watch

Residents who live within Precinct 2 contracted patrol areas may request a Vacation Watch or Special Watch. This alerts deputies to special concerns in your area or lets them know when you will be out of town and to keep an extra watch on your residence.

To learn more about the Precinct 2 Contract patrol program please contact Lieutenant Marco Leal at

To submit a Vacation Watch or Special Watch Request, contact us. For immediate response, please contact our dispatch office at (713) 477-4070 and have a deputy sent out to take the information directly.