Training Division

The Harris County Precinct 2 Training Division is dedicated to providing quality continuing education to our deputies, as well as other law enforcement agencies, that goes well above the state-mandated requirements. The Training Division is responsible for the development and instruction of mandated and specialized training, as well as maintaining the integrity and standardization of these training programs.

The training division works diligently to raise the standards of training, increase officer safety, and maintain the standards of professionalism and integrity of the law enforcement community.

Preparing officers to deal with every situation imaginable is no easy task, but the Precinct 2 Training Division strives to do just that. By developing top-tier training courses, they are armed to face the ever-changing demands of law enforcement and are better able to serve the community with distinction.


For a listing of training offered by the Office Of Constable Jerry Garcia Harris County Precinct 2, including dates, times, and course information, follow the link to the Precinct 2 Training Calendar.

If you need more information contact Corporal at, or contact the training division by calling (713) 274-6195 or (713) 274-6201. To register for classes contact (713) 477-2766.